Caimi Koala-T photo display
  • Caimi Koala-T photo display
  • Caimi Koala-T photo display
  • Caimi Koala-T photo display
  • Caimi Koala-T photo display
  • Caimi Koala-T photo display
  • Caimi Koala-T photo display
  • Caimi Koala-T photo display
  • Caimi Koala-T photo display


Koala is a product family with a large number of displays for different applications. In the private sphere, the displays can be used as photo or poster frames. In the business sphere, the application possibilities are very wide, partly thanks to the many options and mounting options. The displays can be mounted in various ways; directly on the wall, on steel cables (on the wall or freely suspended from the ceiling), on steel cables in combination with a chrome-plated rod (on the wall or free-hanging from the ceiling), on a special column on a steel foot or in a tubular frame. In addition, there are also displays on a foot that can be placed on the table.

The sizes of the cable displays correspond to the standard paper sizes: A5, A4 and A3 both landscape and portrait. In addition, there is also the poster format 50x70 cm. (standing). There are also folder displays available in A4 and A3 format. The A3 folder display is also suitable as a double A4 display or for 4 folders of 10.5 cm. wide.

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