Dress up your garden with pots from MyYour

Pots and vases are well represented in the MyYour collection.

Characteristic of these pots is the asymmetrical design. Because the design of the three sizes merges into each other, you can make a beautiful circuit with it if you place several pots of different sizes one after the other..

These graceful pots have a special surface structure.
The ribbed appearance gives the pots a rich appearance.

Pots for indoor and outdoor use...

Although the pots are primarily intended for outdoor applications, they certainly don't look out of place indoors.
In the home atmosphere but certainly also in a business environment.

The pots are in all cases available in different sizes and colours. In addition, some pots are also available in special versions, such as beautiful lacquer colours. The OS version is particularly special, where the pots have a rusted or copper-colored appearance. 

With or without lighting

The different pots get a special look when they are equipped with lighting. The variant with RGBW lighting is absolutely the best.

In this case, the pot is made of transparent white Poleasy®, where the lighting comes into its own. The RGBW lighting comes with a remote control that allows you to control the lighting from your lounge chair. The possibilities here are endless; from soft yellow to flowing in all colors of the rainbow or pulsating like in the disco... 

For the RGBW variant you can choose from two options;
• An E27 fitting where you separately purchase an RGBW lamp with remote control.
• A 3.8W integrated rechargeable RGBW LED fixture with remote control. The charging time of this fixture is 4-5 hours, after which the lamp can burn for 8-10 hours.

New finishing. Velvet!

MyYour's Velvet finish is a mechanical technique at the Poleasy®, which combines a velvety tactile effect by using a blend of natural minerals with treatments that have been tested before use.

The Poleasy is the perfect solution for the skin. Enveloping, soft to the eye and to the touch Velvet is revolutionizing the industry's approach to design, providing a secure and sustainable response to the needs of design trends.

A selection of our pots: