Like in an Irish pub...

For the Oxford stool and table, the Italian designer duo Brogliato Traverso took their inspiration from the furniture from traditional Irish pubs..

The stool has a seat height of 75 cm. and, like the matching high table, it is completely made of poleasy®. This plastic, specially developed by MyYour, is easier to clean than the traditional polyethylene, often used for plastic furniture.

More information about Oxford can be found on the product pages:
Oxford stool
Oxford table

In addition to furniture to sit on and on, the MyYour collection also includes pots, loungers and objects with or without lighting.

Chairs for indoor and outdoor use...

Almost all products from the design collection of MyYour are produced with the rotational mold technique.
For the Community Set shown on the right, imagine that the mold completely encloses each individual object.
So these are decent molds from one piece.

The production process is as follows:
• Polyethylene powder is placed in the mold, which consists of two halves. after which the mold is closed.
• the mold is then hung in a rack in which it can be rotated.
• then the mold is rotated while it is heated. This makes the powder liquid.
• due to rotation, the liquid mass is thrown against the inner wall of the mould.
• when the inside is completely covered, the mold is stopped and the cooling can begin.
• after cooling, the mold can be opened and the product is ready for finishing.


Lily comes from the Myyour collection; very original and modern furniture for garden, pool and terrace. Naturally, these original and decorative products are also very suitable for indoor use.

Lily is a product family consisting of a chair, an armchair, a table and a bench. Matching seat cushions with a removable fabric are available for the seating elements. Lily is made of polyethylene and can be supplied in various colors in matt or sprayed in a high-gloss lacquer. The transition from the arm to the backrest continues downwards so that (when used outdoors) the rainwater runs off the seat.

Lily consists of the following products:
• a sofa
• an armchair 
• a chair 
• a side table

A selection of our chairs: