Secure payment

You can pay for your order in different ways.
We currently offer the following payment methods:

iDeal is an online payment method that consumers can use to pay through their own bank. Not only web shops but also other companies offer IDeal. IDeal is the most used payment method in the Netherlands. After you have chosen iDeal as payment method, you select your own bank. The actual payment then takes place in the familiar environment of your bank's website. Banks use different methods to verify payment. This can be done, for example, by means of a TAN code via SMS, a QR code in the app or an e.dentifier. The payment is then processed immediately.

Bancontact is the best-known online payment method in Belgium. The payment is completed in your own internet banking environment. There are three ways to pay with Bancontact:
1. with a mobile device such as a smartphone and an app. The transaction is completed in the app with a PIN code.
2. with a device such as a laptop in combination with a mobile device with an app. After selecting Bancontact, a QR code will be shown that needs to be scanned after which the transaction can be completed with the pin code.
3. with a device and card reader. For example, if you shop online on your laptop. After selecting Bancontact and entering the card details, you will enter the internet banking environment. After that, the card can be inserted into the card reader and the details filled in to complete the transaction.

 KBC/CBC Payment Button
With the KBC/CBC payment button, customers of the Belgian banks KBC and CBC can easily pay online. KBC focuses on the Flemish-speaking part, while CBC is completely French-speaking. Via the KBC/CBC payment button, customers of both banks can easily pay for their online purchases via their trusted online banking environment.

PayPal is the most famous online wallet and makes it possible to make payments worldwide. PayPal offers a secure way to make online payments with credit card, bank account or PayPal balance. Payment is also possible by phone or tablet and without entering bank and credit card details.

'Pay now' with Klarna is available to customers in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Finland. With this payment method you can choose to pay via an online bank transfer or by direct debit.
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With SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) can transfers be made from any European payment account to any other European payment account. Paying by bank transfer is a trusted and secure way to pay for online purchases. The amount can be transferred very easily via internet banking.