Plastic design objects from MyYour

MyYour products are a combination of often daring design with high-quality production techniques. In this young company, the real strength is determined by the interaction between technology and years of experience in the plastics industry. This experience comes from the parent company, a renowned rotomolding producer from Northern Italy.

It all started in 2007 with the Cloe and Zoe log beds. The following year, the newcomer was immediately taken for granted with the introduction of Tulip. It was immediately clear that this iconic design would become a design classic.

Italian sophistication...

Crazy Head

The Italian creativity mixed with the knowledge and skills of MyYour is certainly also reflected in the Crazy Head crash helmet support. Even the name brings a smile to your face. Crazy Head is available in two sizes where the small version is more intended as a coat hook.


We also see the Southern European mentality in Bonsai. A product born from a nice idea that they decided to make just because it's funny. Bonsai also shows very well what MyYour is capable of with the rotational mold technique.

What an appearance

At MyYour, they don't shy away from the big work either. One is even able to get a slim lady of no less than 2 meters 10 tall from a rotational mold. 

Penelope is her name and is a real eye-catcher for in the garden or to enhance an event. Equipped with RGBW LED lighting, it is completely spectacular. This version is rechargeable. After a charging time of approximately 5 hours, the object has a burning time of 8 to 10 hours.

In addition to the version with lighting, Penelope is also available with a very special coating with oxidation effect in reost or copper. In this case, MyYour has actually succeeded in rusting plastic because the effect is obtained by a treatment with iron and copper powder. After the oxidation process, the surface is treated with a special layer to stop the process and prevent bleeding.

A selection of our objects: